Avoid the headaches.
Complex, paper-intensive processes, combined with shifting employee eligibilities, intensifying privacy demands, and dynamic laws make COBRA one of the toughest benefits programs to administer.
Without the right expertise, businesses may find themselves at risk for penalties due to non-compliance.
Seamless Integration
Although there are many COBRA vendors on the market and the service levels and pricing appear to be very similar, there is a huge advantage of working with one vendor for COBRA administration and benefits enrollment software.
The key ClearCOBRA difference is the seamless integration between our ClearBenefits enrollment software and our ClearCOBRA administration department. All COBRA events transacted through our software are automatically recognized as COBRA events and processed through to our ClearCOBRA department. Additionally, all COBRA enrollment events including new enrollments, terminations, and changes are loaded into the software by our ClearCOBRA department and those transactions are transmitted electronically to the insurance carriers.
The result is a completely outsourced, seamless, and compliant COBRA administration solution.
Key Attributes
  1. Automated event recognition built into Employee Self Service Software
  2. Processing of all enrollments, changes and terminations via EDI
  3. Management of all initial rights and qualifying event notices
  4. COBRA participant support via phone or email
  5. Participant premium collection and reconciliation
  6. Monthly reporting and reimbursement to the employer
  7. Full COBRA reporting
  8. Open enrollment support
  9. Compliance communications and advisory services