More choices. Less hassle.
Since 2001, BENU has been a market leader in developing and managing multi-carrier Private Healthcare Exchanges. Depending on whom you talk to, Exchanges mean different things to different people. For BENU, the value of Exchanges comes from four basic principles:
  1. Employee Carrier Choice:
    There is little value in buying from an Exchange unless it provides a selection of insurance carriers. This choice provides a marketplace ensuring competitive prices and that enrollees can find a carrier and plan that fits their needs.
  2. Risk Adjustment:
    Risk Adjustment provides the foundation for a stable Exchange. It ensures that carriers are appropriately compensated for the risk of their enrolled population. The net result is a long-term stable solution that will reduce premiums over time.
  3. Benefits Administration Technology:
    Benefits administration technology makes life easier for employers and employees that access the Exchange saving time and money for users.
  4. Exchange Customer Care Center:
    BENU provides a full-service high-touch customer care center to support all employers administrative needs.
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